We are Ingenuity IO. Our team is plural, diverse, engaged, and thrives for excellence!

Ingescape is developed by Ingenuity I/O. We are a small, highly qualified team with multidisciplinary skills. Collaboration and sharing have always been at the heart of our team by design. We naturally grew into a company with as many female and male workers, with diverse social and geographical origins. It happened naturally, simply by looking for excellence, with pragmatism and without stereotypes. Giving everybody a chance is a powerful tool, especially when thriving for real-world innovation.

With Ingescape, Ingenuity I/O aims at changing the way people can design, develop and operate software, in almost all domains of the industries and technologies. This is an ambitious objective, involving new ways to collaborate, develop ideas, exchange visions, mix expertises and share challenges. There are, of course, major financial gains attached to using Ingescape, but the financial gains are generated through better collaboration, decisions,  creativity and achievements in day-to-day work. This means more meaning, satisfaction, commitment and opportunities for all types of profiles, positively moving the statut quos in companies of all sizes. In ecosystems where everything is linked, financial gains induced by Ingescape for our customers are so important that they can reasonably feed new ambitions around innovation, environmental objectives and social responsibility.

Ingescape enables massive reuse of existing hardware and software by integrating or reintegrating them with modernized and new systems. This may seem as a detail when considering usual industrial practices, but saving and reusing all the experience placed into an existing system with natural and robust extensions towards new systems and solutions makes sense for all actors in a project. Legacy systems and a company’s experience are the two faces of the same coin. Ingescape bring opportunities to choose what really needs to be replaced and what shall be reused or perpetuated.

Excellence and commitment?

At Ingenuity I/O, we embrace challenges and external competition, first because they are unavoidable when achieving real things, and then because when deeply associated with meaning and ability to bring change, they are a positive engine.

The team at Ingenuity I/O thrives for excellence with a modest and open approach. This is the same philosophy carrying Ingescape, with simplicity, progressiveness and openness at heart. At Ingenuity I/O, “fail fast, fail early” is a central part of our methodology. Beyond the projects themselves, all people in the team are encouraged to try new practices and activities to improve their skills and overall professional knowledge. We accept that failure is a source of progress, that time is necessary to reach excellence and that knowing about oneself is not a straight path. We worked hard to create an environment which makes room for all people, with transparent internal mechanisms around fairness, company objectives,  professional meaning and personal balance.

How to succeed at Ingenuity I/O ?

You long for commitment and excellence and you do not want to compromise on meaning and personal balance. You want to positively and concretely change things in the software industry by opening human, collaborative and creative opportunities. You know progress is collective before being individual with collaboration and multidisciplinarity at the heart of the workplace.