Software interoperability,
Iterative & agile development,
Model-Based System Engineering
and Human System Integration

Ingescape Circle is an intuitive environment enabling developers and non-developers to work together in a collaborative and constructive way, using the best practices in agile, iterative and creative methodologies in software projects, digital twins and simulations.

Ingescape Circle is progressive and extensible. It easily integrates with your existing work environment without breaking your habits and best practices.

Ingescape painlessly offers you opportunities to improve your processes and quality at the most strategic stages of your projects.

Ingescape Circle makes your software systems, digital twins & simulations much more observable and actionable to achieve safer, more efficient and intrinsically better projects

Project performance with Ingescape Circle

Get Ingescape Circle

Ingescape Circle comes as a free limited version or a commercial version with optional extensions and a 30 days trial period.

Free version

While using the open source Ingescape library, visualize your Ingescape platform, the execution of your software agents and data flow exchanges.

Commercial version

Get no-code visual assistance for system architecture, iterative development and testing for data flows and services, real-time supervision and execution control.
Unlock the access to the optional extensions.

Free Commercial
Visualize agents and edit data flows in real-time ✓ ✓
Visualize agent log streams remotely in Ingescape Circle ✓ ✓
Access to secure platforms with Ingescape encryption and certificates ✓ ✓
Observe and write agent inputs/outputs ✓
Monitor and call agent services ✓
Design, edit, save and share system architectures, agent definitions, interface contracts, data flows, etc. ✓
Generate code from agent definitions in many languages with our official templates (C, C++, C#, Javascript, Python, etc.) ✓
Use splitters to balance computation load and data flows ✓
Control and deploy agent configurations ✓
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Visualize agents and edit data flows in real-time

Visualize agent log streams remotely in Ingescape Circle

Access to secure platforms with Ingescape encryption and certificates



Includes options from trial offer

Observe and write agent inputs/outputs

Monitor and call agent services

Design, edit, save and share system architectures, agent definitions, interface contracts, data flows, etc.

Generate code from agent definitions in many languages with our official templates (C, C++, C#, Javascript, Python, etc.)

Use splitters to balance computation load and data flows

Control and deploy agent configurations

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Ingescape Circle extensions

The Ingescape Circle extensions have been designed for our advanced users depending on their profile and project type. Extensions work perfectly with each other and are combined according to your strategies and needs. Each extension is purchased individually, either for a given user or for a given project.

Instant Connectivity

Cloud, edge computing, HTTP REST, TCP, UDP, Websockets, Kafka, MQTT, RabbitMQ, etc. connected in a few seconds

Ingescape interoperability is not only for Ingescape agents. External systems can be connected easily, securely and always without any additional code.

  • Create code-less data gateways with third party systems using TCP, UDP and WS/WSS sockets.
  • Query any HTTP/REST server and get replies without writing any code, using get/post/put/delete queries with or without payload.
  • Generate immediately runnable code for HTTP client and server gateways based on Swagger/OpenAPI JSON descriptions.
  • Connect to any existing Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ and MQTT infrastructure, access to topics, etc.
  • Interact from web-based systems with any Ingescape platform using HTTP/REST queries to access to Ingescape services, inject data, receive flows, etc.
  • Connect remote Ingescape platforms together through secure connections between separated local networks, and via the Internet, so that Ingescape agents on a platform are transparently projected on another platform, just like if they were running locally, without any additional code.
  • Include Ingescape agents running from open networks and the Internet in web browsers, mobile devices or connected devices, through a secure gateway using WebSocket Secure (WSS).

Ingescape agents work naturally in virtualized and containerized environments, without additional effort.

For other specific situations, it remains easy to develop specific gateway agents, implementing the required protocols and using the relevant libraries.

Verification & Validation

Automated, devops-compliant, fully traceable in applications lifecycle management, without any additional code in your programs

Ingescape V&V leverages the Ingescape model to offer industrial-grade Verification and Validation with up to 80% efforts reduction.

Our unique intuitive V&V scripting language is accessible to non-developers and is used without any modification in your system applications. The Ingescape model enables fully external, yet exhaustive, testing at unit, partial and global integration levels, including failure and redundancy scenarios.

V&V scripts can be written before or during the development. They embed references to project requirements, combined with execution reports, which offer painless coverage and traceability indicators for all the referenced requirements.

Ingescape Circle embeds a V&V script editor and runner to save and share V&V activities, that can then be automated and executed in any devops environment. Our V&V scripting language leverages all the aspects of the Ingescape model (inputs, outputs, services, etc.) and includes sleep, system commands, HTTP/REST queries, emulation of human actions, screenshots comparison, live logs monitoring, user-controlled verifications, etc.

V&V scripts are also very useful to create simulations and custom scenarios.

Big Data record, replay and export

System data analysis & massive data valuation have never been easier!

Ingescape Circle comes with a no-code extension to record, replay and export all the activities and data exchanges between all Ingescape agents and gateways, on any Ingescape platform. 

This extension is as simple to use as a tape recorder in real life: one simply presses ‘record’, ‘stop’ and ‘play’ to control what is recorded and replay it. The extension then does all the heavy lifting regarding massive data capture and replay.

This extension relies on an open source Apache Cassandra data lake with a simple, open structure, which makes it easy to plug any third party data analysis solution.

This extension is very useful for the:

  • Injection of real-world data during early development phases for more accurate testing,
  • Execution of validation scenarios using real-world recordings, combined or not with the V&V extension,
  • Execution of training and demonstration scenarios on offline platforms, when critical systems are not easily available,
  • Data recording during system exploitation for offline advanced analysis, either in real-time or afterwards.

Visual Programming, ETL, no-code data handling, timelines & scenarios

Everything needed to control and program Ingescape platforms without any code

With this extension, Ingescape Circle becomes an environment dedicated to visual no-code programming, with an advanced unique set of tools, consistently working together: 

  • A large set of snippets is available for no-code Extract Transform Load (ETL) activities, with the ability to quickly develop your own specific snippets if needed.
  • The Ingescape Files agent offers everything needed to read and write files and to use them in association with Ingescape data flows and services, bringing an actual distributed file system in your Ingescape platforms.
  • The Events & Timelines extension supports the creation of no-code platform events with a wide range of possibilities (input writing, services calls, agents start/stop, etc.). The events can then be organized in timelines to create time-based scenarios, still with no code. Events are also usable directly in platform views in conjunction with the agents to link them with actual system or simulation events.

Ingescape already provides a Node-RED plugin for instant bidirectional connectivity with Node-RED Javascript-based platforms. With our Visual Programming extension, Ingescape Circle widely exceeds Node-RED visual programming features and capabilities, without constraining users to remain in a centralized NodeJS environment. Node-RED users have the choice to either durably interoperate with Ingescape or migrate their solutions progressively to benefit from the « any OS, any language » Ingescape capabilities.

No-code scenarios using events and timelines are one of the key-enablers for actual Human-System Integration activities, offering ways to concretely and collaborate iteratively in system design, development and evaluation.

Advanced Code Generation

Ingescape agents + UML classes + UI graphics, all at once to bootstrap your applications with no-code remote control

Beyond the embedded Ingescape agents generation for many languages, you benefit here from advanced generation routines, created by our experts and combining agent definitions, UML class diagrams edited with and Sketch graphics to bootstrap complex multi-OS Qt/QML applications.

Such generated Qt/QML applications are ready for industrial developments. They also embed no-code remote control capabilities, so that non-developers, including UX designers and Human-Factor specialists, can edit the QML UI scene graph by moving objects, changing texts, colors, sizes, etc. 

These remote control capabilities, when mixed with our Motion tool, enable to actually design visual animations, even complex ones made of successive or parallel animations. All these elements are compatible with the Visual Programming extension to create scenarios involving UI animations and events, still with a no-code approach.

The QML generation from Sketch graphics is based on real-world use cases. The code generation includes the actual declaration and configuration of QML components, directly inside Sketch with simple designer-compliant principles, making this production chain from design to code, one of the most efficient ever created.

If you prefer Figma to Sketch or if you prefer Microsoft WPF or ReactJS to Qt/QML, note that our workflow is open to many possibilities. Please contact us to know more.

Scientific Assessment

Rich & complex experimentations with quantified proof, leveraging your Ingescape platforms

Based on the Big Data and Visual Programming extensions, Ingescape platforms are open to simulation, iterative design and testing, and scenario-based experimentations. To coordinate all these elements, the Scientific Assessment extension provides a state-of-the-art support for scientific assessments, able to generate quantitative proofs for scientific hypotheses.

The Scientific Assessment extension manages hypotheses, independent and dependent variables, analysis plans, participants with their characteristics, test conditions, test tables with progress follow-up, real-time sessions, and post-session exports, in one single consistent application. Data associated with dependent variables are captured directly and automatically from the Ingescape platforms using the Big Data extension recorder and placed into a unified repository, linked with independent variables and participant characteristics for each session in a single time frame.

Assessment scenarios needed for the different test conditions are defined using the Events & Timelines extension with a no-code approach, enabling Human Factor specialists to use Ingescape Circle entirely in a no-code context.

The Scientific Assessment, Visual Programming and Advanced Code Generation extensions offer a unique playground for multidisciplinary teams to conduct actual Human-System Integration processes in a consistent model-based no-code approach, adapted to iterative and agile methodologies, combining creative, analytical and productive tasks altogether.

Topics and Brokers

The most advanced features of the industrial messaging platforms, still with a fully decentralized architecture and still code-less

Ingescape Topics serves as a centralization point for data flows, which enables immediate code-less memory at system level, with each topic serving the last published value at anytime. 

Combined with an open source Apache Cassandra data lake, Ingescape Topics offers a code-less history service for all the registered topics to get past values according to timestamps or numbers of occurrences. Ingescape Topics brings these advanced features without losing the ability for full decentralization: agents interested in memory use the outputs of Ingescape Topics and agents interested in history just query the dedicated Ingescape Topics services, one being independent from the other. Other agents still use direct data flow communications without any constraint.

In specific heavily constrained environments, Ingescape offers a broker service, so that agents can discover each other and create meshed networks without requiring the preferred UDP broadcast discovery mechanism, which avoids any hardcoded network configuration and topology. This broker service is used only for discovery, still enabling direct data flows and distributed communications between agents once they are meshed together.

Customizable Doc & Code Generation

Combine all the models you want and generate code or doc with total control

The Ingescape Circle model-based generation engine is completely generic. It is able to generate any kind of text-based file, whether it is code in a given language with a given set of conventions, or any type of formalized documentation, ranging from raw text to XML-based docx documents or asciidoc files. In all these situations, the engine uses custom-made scripts to parse various XML resources to generate consistent sets of files (code or documentation). Please note that it is extremely simple to convert files formatted in JSON, YAML, CSV, etc. into XML files.

The Customizable Doc & Code Generation extension offers Ingescape Circle users the possibility to create their own scripts for the generation engine and thus to:

  • Totally control the generated code and documentation up to every single character in every generated file,
  • Include any new model that can be converted or formalized in XML, i.e. any kind of well-defined model.

This is clearly the most advanced and technically demanding Ingescape Circle extension. Our customers can use it on their own, request training or let us create their custom scripts for them.

What’s coming next?

Ingescape Circle is only at its beginning.

We are continuously improving and enriching Ingescape Circle to bring the best tools and solutions for software interoperability, Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE), system simulation and Model-Based Human-System Integration (MBHSI). We are working hard with major experts in each of these domains to create a new, inspiring, intuitive and efficient experience for our customers and users.

Ingescape is an environment for all profiles in the software industry. It is designed and built collaboratively with our community. Do not to hesitate to contact us if you want to join us or involve us in exciting research projects. We are always open for discussions.