A straightforward, scalable, industrial-grade solution for ultimate software connectivity

Ingescape brings connectivity to any software code, using any programming language and operating system. Applications integrating the Ingescape library will transparently communicate on the same computer, on the same local network and even through the Internet.

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A game-changing solution to orchestrate all your software together

Whether your software is new or already existing, less than one hundred lines of code are generally enough to make your software interoperate with any other Ingescape-enabled software. Ingescape is unique in bringing a simple yet powerful set of communication paradigms to design, implement and operate the most advanced digital systems.

the visual and intuitive Ingescape editor

Visual and intuitive Ingescape editor

Design, build, operate

Mainly on local networks and virtualized architectures but highly connected with the rest of the world, by combining new and/or existing software & hardware, you can define, develop and deploy your software systems with a flexibility that did not exist before.

Rely on a model-driven approach

Ingescape enables multidisciplinary teams to collaborate from early prototypes to operational deployment and validation. The various profiles in your team will rely on the simple yet powerful IngeScape models, supported by our intuitive visual tools, to smoothly build ideas, refine them and ultimately put them into operation.

Ingescape is composed of

Lightweight software library

Intuitive visual editor

Software ecosystem

Ingescape Software Library

A multi-OS, multi-language, portable software library to easily create and adapt software for your systems and platforms.

The software library is

  • designed to easily create new software and to quickly and lightly integrate with existing software code
  • developed in C with minimum dependencies which are all open source without commercial restriction
  • packaged for Windows, many Linux systems, macOS, IOS, Android, etc
  • also available in C++, C#, Python, Javascript, Qt/QML, Java, etc.


The library supports

  • a fully decentralized, high performance, low latency software network layer for communications between agents
  • a simple yet powerful set of  paradigms to connect all the agents on your operational platform
  • self-discovery between software agents, data serialization, extension mechanisms, advanced log management and much more…


Intuitive visual editor

Ingescape editor with timeline and agents

Empower non-coders to bring added-value at all the stages of your project

At all stages of your projects (iterative system design, orchestration & supervision, testing & integration, tech & user assessments, data exploitation, etc.), the Ingescape Editor let you :

  • configure, supervise and inspect the execution of software agents and computer hosts
  • check and edit data flows between agents in real-time
  • visually create global behaviours and time-based scenarios
  • for technical validation or assessments, record / replay / export exchanged data without additional code




Ecosystem of existing agents addressing a large scope of services

Exemples of Ingescape agents like Leap motion, tobii eyeX, Microsoft Hololens, speech synthesis and many others

  • Interactive i/o devices : Leap motion, tobii eyeX, Microsoft Hololens, 3D sound, voice recognition, speech synthesis and many other hardware components, etc.
  • Interactive system orchestration : Patented 3D environment engine for augmented reality
  • Communication protocols : Reading and writing for TCP, UDP, third- party software buses and industry communication protocols (modbus, etc.); RESTful JSON web services ; HTTP / HTML


  • Big data & AI  : Reading and writing with databases such as MySQL, Cassandra, etc. ; Easy connection with expert systems and IA engines (deep neural networks, rules engines, adaptive multi-agent systems, genetic algorithms, etc.) with support for learning phases and exploitation
  • IoT, electronics and small devices : 
    Raspberry Pi, Phidgets, arduino, etc.
    Connections to custom electronic systems


Let's get a little bit technical...

The Ingescape library relies on a bullet-proof network layer to

  • Enable custom network integration wherever needed, when performancesecurity or redundancy become critical,
  • Install advanced network patterns that will cover or improve features brought by the most common software bus families… but without losing simplicity :
    • MoM: Message oriented Middlewares
    • ESB: EnterpriseServiceBuses
    • DDS: DataDistributionServices

  • Enable multithreading programming, timers and mainloops for advanced agents logic, real-time constraints, and third-party software integration
  • Go beyond TCP/IP to increase performance, security or robustness (multicast, IPC, TIPC, shared memory, etc.)

What does it bring?

Our benefits are unique

  • True interoperability on any OS, with any language (including inside a web browser)
  • Fast and robust industrial-grade network technologies
  • Built-in codeless monitoring & record/replay
  • Software reusability increase and coding risk reduction like never before
  • Open to non-developers and multidisciplinary, agile and iterative teams
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4 reasons why

Why did we create Ingescape ?

  • 01
    Modern complex systems are interactive, distributed and heterogeneous.
  • 02
    Network programming and system integration are always a hassle... and should not be!
  • 03
    Building a platform engages many stakeholders with different views, skills and needs : system engineers, software developers, hardware experts, end-users, marketing, designers, human factors, activity experts, etc.
  • 04
    During its evolution in time, a platform’s foundations should be strong and its structure should be flexible, from the early works to the operational exploitation.
a combination of a large IoT network and a Big Data system made with Ingescape for RER ligne A in Paris
we are the ingescape team and we create and realize application and interactive environment
cockpit prototype system for Airbus realiszed by ingescape team

Who are we ?

We create and realize interactive, operational and professional applications and environments. Our multidisciplinary team is composed of experts combining the fields of design, ergonomics and engineering. We operate in many sectors including public transport, aeronautical cockpits, air traffic control, rail and health. We work on interactive technologies, but also the management and orchestration of large amounts of information in heterogeneous and distributed systems.
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